Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random Post

okay, so i was wanting to write a new post, butt i had no idea what about. so was trying to think of a topic, when, all of a sudden, harry potter just kind-a popped into my head. so this post, as weird as it seems, will be about harry potter. ahaha. :) i love harry potter. it is my favorite book series, as well as my favorite movies. k, so i am a bit over,ly obbcessed w/ harry potter. i know practically everything there is to know about hp. ask me almost anything, and i will know it. pat learned that the hard way. haha. my favorite character ,surprisingly enough, is draco malfoy. ya, i know, *gasp!* not that big a deal. he's pretty cool. and he's not acctually all that bad. he and harry have their differences, and so they can be a little...violent...but, he's just a frightened kid. u can really see that in the 6th book. my next fav is ginny. she's "brilliant, she's smart, funny, attractive..." "attractive??" "you know, she has" "so you're saying dean is dating my sister for her skin??" "no, i'm just saying it could be a contributing factor" "...hermione's got nice skin" "i've never really noticed. but ya, i guess so" lol. quotes from the movie between ron and harry about ginny and hermione. :D ahh...two boys in love! <3
WORD, PEACE OUT, MY HOME SKILLET BISKET!! *lol, amber, sarah, mickayla. :)*