Friday, September 25, 2009

Fires and Parades!

okay, so i know, the two topics in my title have freakign nothign to do w/ eachother, but, i didn't want to do two seperate posts, so i just put them together. okay, so first things first, the "fire" at my school on Wed. man that was fun! mr.vanpelt was telling my class how, when he was in the 8th grade, that there was a "fire", kind-a like ours. and there wsa a sevy who was taking a shower whne the alarm went off. so he ran outside, and get this, w/ just a towel on!!! how funny is that? we were all laughing really hard!! :)
I went to the Homecoming Parade today w/ Vic. we had a ton of fun. but even better than that, is that i got a butt load of candy. so, if on monday, i come in acting high, it's cause of the candy. :) i also saw Frau Hume at the parade, it was really weird! and i saw pat, sydney, 123 ;), and ketchup. *u know what? ketchup is up for homecoming king! ha, i saw that, and i was like, no surprise there!!*