Monday, July 20, 2009

All About Me, Myself, and I!!!!!!!! *lol*

Well, as you prob guessed, this is post is about me. I'll tell you somethings about me that you may or may not know. So let's start slow. My name is Lauren. I am a teenager, and sometimes i think it drives my parents up the wall and then over the edge having 2 teenagers in the house. haha. I love the Jayhawks and i HATE the Nebraska Corn Huskers w/ all of my heart!!! *yes trevor, i did just say that* :)))) I also love NASCAR! It is my fav sport! My favorite driver is Kevin Harvick, #29 Shell. But, i must say, he's having a pretty suckish season this year. Carl Edwards, #99 Aflac, is awsome, too, tho. My fav color is green, I hate the color pink, and i don't like the color purple, either. Yes, i know, it's weird, I hate pink, and purple. 'It's like I'm not a girl.' 'Are you really a girl??' ya, ya, ya. i've heard it all b4. *mainly from colin, ethan, and matt. lol* I have a pretty big fam. I have 4 siblings. Andrea, Jordan, Jenny, and Johnathon *yes, i know, his name is spelled weird, but i did not spell it wrong. My daddy spelled it weird on purpose. altho the reason i do not know*, and my mommy and daddy. So feel free to comment and tell me a little bit about you. :)))))

LOVE YA!!!!!!!


  1. Lol. But I already knew you hated pink. It's kinda a known fact. Hey but you didn't mention how much you just LUV MU! Lol. (This is yellow lololololol :D )
    Katie :)

  2. shut up! u didn't even notice thatt i changed ur notebook, so don't say anything. lol

  3. Hey, i like NASCAR too, but too bad u like Kevin Harvick and not Tony Stewart. You know that he is an owner/driver and is doing better than Harvick. But also, i want to say that MU is way totally better than horrible KU.

  4. shtu up. MU is sooo not better!!! and neither is stewart. hey, did u hear?? harvick is trying to change teams. how crazy is that??

  5. Kylie you are so right about the MU issue.