Monday, July 20, 2009

My Friends from School: part 2

okay, this is my follow up post to my previous one. i will tell u some more about muh buddies!!! okay. well, since i started w/ a guy last time, i'll start w/ a girl this time. okay, well, then i guess i'll tell ya'll bout muh buddie courtney/beth. she is this totally awsome, freakishly smart, saxaphone playing girl!!!! lol. she LOVES her sax sooo much!! like, i am not even exaggerating. as a matter of fact, i think i'm not stressing it enough. ;D but that's okay, u get my point. haha. courtney/beth also enjoys her harry potter!! and starwars!! and lord of the rings!! lol. nerdfests 1, 2, & 3!!!!!! :) *and danny, the dinosaur, as well as the real danny, loves me more than u!!!* okay, now that that is over w/, let me tell ya'll about another friend of mine. his name is danny. now, he's not the coolest guy u'll ever meet, but he can be okay and berable at times. but only when he's in a good mood, which is anytime he's anywhere near me. haha. he is a stalker and a poser and he tried to call courtney a poser!! it was toatlly crazy. b/c, reality: gangstahs: courtney, margaret, me. danny's reality: him, margaret,me. notice the similarities, and only slight differences. haha. ya, they don't like eachother very much. but someone danny REALLY doesn't like is morgan. lunch, good timees, good times. okkayyy, next friend. uumm...well, not. okay, lindsey/leanne, i will talk about u next. lindsey is courtney's twin sister. but to let u in on a secret, they couldn't more diff. one does band, the other does strings. they do both sing, but ones a saprano, and ones an alto. many differences between the two. but there are some similarities. don't get me wrong. but still....okay. well, i think it's time for me to shine the limelight on someone else. hhmm....let's go w/............nathan. he is super cool!! he is possible on of my best friends ever. i just met him last year, and yet, i feel likie o've known him forever. he is sooo much fun to be around. he's funny, he's nice, and he's not one of those cool, and don't get me wrong, he is cool, but he's not one of those cool guys that are total jerks! i hate those kinds of ppl. but he's toatlly not like that. okay, last friend, hhmmmm.....well i could, no,,hhhmmm...oh! well how bout....oh, never mind. ooo, ooo, ooo!! i got one!! i can do the incredibly ANOUYING allyson ralls!!!!! lol. jk allyson, u know i love u! haha. and our fat men. :))) so, allyson can be a pretty violent person at times, and those times would be usually. sometimes i feel bad for matt, but then i remember wat he did at the grand ave temple, and that all goes away! haha. and my knee still hurts!!! but brandon is sooo much nicer! but he can still be a butt. esspecially on the bus for vbs. jerk. u threw the paper right in my face. not cool. and don't u two know that ur not supposed to hit a girl! ooooo, wait, prob, b/c then that would mena that i couldn't hit matt. :'((( haha. well, sry this was such a lllooonnnggg post. lol. but i've got lots to post, so check back reguarly to see if there's anything new. and if u have any ideas, i'll put up a post for that so tha i get can get some ideas for future posts. c ya!! <3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  1. hahaha. STALKER!!!! "He is looking at you! Again!... No, don't look, he is looking and will know we know. Why dosent he just ask you out? You would say YESSS!!!"

  2. You don't hate ANYONE, Lauren.
    Okay so I don't really know any of those people, except I kinda know Courtney and Lindsey from your sleepover where Courtney and I didn't actually sleep but stayed up all night playing a revised version of Truth or Dare. And then I kept calling them the wrong name, so I settled on Lortney.... Lol.
    Um..... and throwing paper in your face? Lauren come on I know you are a lot tougher than that!!!! Lol. :)
    Go MU!!!!!!!!!!
    Katie :)

  3. no allison, b/c who is to say that i would say yes?? b/c i prob wouldn't. and shut up katie. lol. wow, lortney, interesting name u got there. lol:)))

  4. wow lauren, ur posts r really long. my blog isnt near as long as urs. u must hav nothing to do all day. but i like the stalker part and now i dont know what to say

  5. haha. thanx ky. and yes, i know they are long. sooo...what's ur point??? lol. and ya, when i get bored i just kind-a start typing random stuff that comes to my mind. ahahahaha!!