Wednesday, July 29, 2009


okay, well, i don't know bout ya'll, but i really cannot wait for school to start! i am soo excited. i don't really know what team i want to be on. my says she wants me on silver, but idk. altho i would be prepaired to bet that i am gonna end up on green again. as long as i have my friends on my team, i don't really care tho. as long as it's not like last year where i had, like, no friends on my team. and by the end of the year, i was friends w/ almost ever person on my team. and i am also prepaired to bet that colin is gonna end up on my team, again. and his locker is gonna be next to mine, again. i mean really, does the world want us to be a couple that bad. b/c i'm guessing yes. and if u've seen what i have been put throught w/ him, u would say so too, trust me. altho, i do have to admit that i did like him back when i first met him, and then i acctually met him. lol. not so much anymore...;) i really do hope that i have tons of my friends, b/c they couldn't all possiblly be on one team. i have too many friends!!!! lol:) tell me ur thoughts about school. just leave a comment.



  1. I so can't wait for school to start either! I miss it so much, seeing my friends and all, it gives us something to do during the day! and first impressions on people usual is that you like them back, untill you get to know them, then that all changes....

  2. hahah!! ikr?!?! but it's all good, b/c we be buddies. :D hey, u still want katie's email??

  3. I can't wait either!!!!!!!
    Wow you better hope Colin doesn't read this. lol
    And what is up with the KU colors??????????????????????????????
    I can't wait to see what team I'm on. Email me when you know.

  4. i do too! i think i would die if he read any of this. i would die if most ppl from school read this. haha. and KU is AMAZING! so just shut up. i can't either. okay, no prob. or if u find out first, then u email me. k??